North Holmes Road
Cantebury, England CT1 1QU

Lecture Theatre Pg06, Powell Building

A British Computing Society Kent Branch event. This event is open to those who are not currently BCS members.

What is web2.0? Or at least let us all get to a common understanding of what web2.0 is, that helps us to understand what enterprise2.0 is, the increasingly commonly used term for 'web2.0 in the enterprise'.

Within this session we'll look to cover:

* What does enterprise2.0 look like?
* What does it consist of?
* Who's using it?
* Why?
* Why do users get so passionate about it?
* What can IT professionals learn from it?

'web2.0 in the enterprise', otherwise known as enterprise2.0, is receiving increased coverage on the web and in print, and is beginning to have an influence over software designed for the corporate space, and yet few companies have embraced it so far in it's purest form.

In this session we'll look to examine why it hasn't yet had bigger uptake. Where and why it has enjoyed success. What it looks like now and in the future, and why companies should and must consider it a key part of their IT architecture.

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