south park
San Francisco, California

Tuesday will be sunny and 80 degrees. Don't roast indoors...

You're invited to a randomly recurring brown-bag get-together of "web2.0 workers" in South Park. Informal social meeting, chat and meet new folks building the next big thing which fits into or comes out of RSS.

There's no agenda, if you have a topic you'd like to have people mull beforehand, propose it in the comments here or on our blog, otherwise come out and strike up a conversation on whatever happens to be on your mind that morning.

We'll bring sodas for folks and a couple of blankets. Let's converge on the 2nd street end of the park.

Marc and Jean from Blogrovr and Stickis

Official Website:

Added by marcmeyer on May 8, 2007



"the next big thing which fits into or comes out of RSS"? Isn't that like so five years ago? at least we could s/RSS/tagging which would only be like so three years ago. or maybe I missed the smiley in the description. ;)


The only real characteristic of these apps is that ideas for them seem to arise out of eating at Centro So, Alfajor 2.0? "User inside, w/ cookie?" :-)

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fine, fine Tantek: it'll be tough but I promise: no labeling anything with buzzy adjectives. Heck, i hate this ubiquitous "next version" obsession myself, so it won't even be tough. And you get to say things that are longer than 140 characters, too (but my attention span may truncate after that).