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Silicon Valley Web Builder

Celebration Party 6:30-7:30pm
National Anthems 6:45pm
"Live" Performance on our Browser Wars Theme Song
"We're All In This Together" and other popular songs

With increasing business demand on integrating mapping features with products and services, web builders are asked to explore Where 2.0 technology in mash-ups or applications via data interchange file formats or web services APIs. According to O'Reilly report, web builders can do more with Yahoo APIs than Google's. You can embed Flash and AJAX map components in web page, similar to Google Map Javascript API. It is more powerful and elegant with Yahoo Geocoding API. Yahoo! MapMaker is Excel component allow you to build maps straight from Excel with no programming needed. You can input address/city/state, latitude/longitude pairs, or a column containing nothing but ZIP codes, assign titles and descriptions to each map point. Our speaker will discuss Simple API, Embedded Maps APIs (AJAX & Flash) and the Building Blocks APIs with hand-on demonstrations. Maps APIs make your website or application come alive with rich content and dynamic user interaction of Yahoo! Maps. Yahoo! Maps Web Services make it easy to build Yahoo! Maps based applications such as integrating store locator or viewing highway traffic pattern. Yahoo! Maps' build-in Geocorder enables you to specify an address or latitude/longitude coordinates without any need to call an additional service or write special code.


The Zvents Network Calendar is a free interactive event calendar that is easy to integrate into any website. You can fill the calendar with events from Zvents, and/or add your own events too. Your events are automatically distributed to local Zvents media partners (such as the San Jose Mercury News), where they will appear on the partners’ online event calendars and possibly in print editions. The Zvents Network Calendar is easy to customize with our calendar wizard or by using CSS and JavaScript.

For more advanced integration, the Zvents Developer API provides programmatic access to Zvents data including events, venues, groups, users and tags. All API calls support XML, RSS, and JSON output formats.

Our expert speakers from Yahoo Developer Center and Zvents will show you practical skills to add more value-added services to your websites with easy and simple integration.

Web Trek: Exploring Space
How to Integrate Where 2.0 Technology in Web Space

by Kent Brewster, Technology Evangelist at Yahoo!
Developer Network

How to Integrate Time in Web Space
by Ethan Stock, CEO & Co-Founder at Zvents
& Mike Geary, Senior Engineer at Zvents

See bios at http://www.svwebbuilder.com

Date: Mar 28, 07 Wed
Time: 6:30-9:00 pm
6:30pm-7:30pm Networking/Food & Drink
7:30pm-9:30pm Presentations
Location: Building Two "The Matrix"
Hurricane Electric, 48233 Warm Spring Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539

Admission is FREE but requires Registration

Registration: http://webtrek4dimensions.eventbrite.com

Official Website: http://www.svwebbuilder.com

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So who's gonna tell em they misspelled "special" in the graphic?


Hi Raines,

Someone did. I've got the message. I am prioritizing my limited time to handle the most urgent matters with timelines and empowering our team to handle other areas with their strengths and interests.

My leadership style is team building via empowerment.

Notes: I am so glad that I did make that stupid misspelling mistake because now I know there are folks out there reading everything with interests. Someone out there do care about us. It is not a bad mistake if I can get web community to response.

Founder of SVWB


Can someone explain to me why this doesn't also show up under the Fremont metro listing?


Very often we make special requests on technical detail. You may learn something that you don't get to see on official blogs, at conferences and not listed on our flyer or event description. Our speaker Kent Brewster told me over Lunch20 that he would demonstrate the mapping integration with Yahoo Pipe. I don't have the detail. I think there are possibilities of Pipe querying parameters narrowing down the feeds and show data on map. Kent, can you comment on this?


We open our online registration tonight at http://webtrek4dimensions.eventbrite.com

It has been closed for many weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Kent, are you still busy at SXSW? We'll wait for you to comment on Pipe mapping integration.

I also like to explore the possibilities of using Yahoo Map in Research & Academic projects. This will be useful for School, R&D and Government.