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Creating a website is more than making pretty pictures and handing them over to developer to code-up. These days, it is recognised the developers are as much designers (in the product/industrial design sense) as traditional graphic designers.

This group is to discuss matters relating to creating websites that follow web standards according to the WC3 and the Web Standards Project (WaSP) . We believe that "design" can also include elements other than the visual surface of the site and web standards go some way to involve developers, coders, etc in the design process in the same way engineers are involved in product design in 3D Design.

We have had two meetings now, and there is a very interesting group out there, from hardened, coding and design gurus to interested students, beginners and novices, all ken on making their sites the easiest to use and the easiest to find.

Considering some of the issues rearing up in the next few months, 2008 is going to be a very interesting year in the web standards world and it will begin to be much more important this year, so come to a meeting to see how others plan on getting their sites up to standard.

Official Website: http://webstandards.meetup.com/130/

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