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Shane Morris, User Experience Evangelist, Microsoft - "Designers and developers - learning to get along"

Shane Morris is a "User Experience Evangelist" at Microsoft. Shane has worked as an interaction designer/information architect/usability specialist since 1991. More about Shane.

Patrick Kennedy, User experience architect, Step Two Designs - "Intranets - why you should care?"

Patrick Kennedy is a user experience architect and intranet consultant for Step Two Designs. He employs methods from many different disciplines, including information architecture, ethnography and web design. As a recovering web developer, he also retains much knowledge regarding coding and web standards.

Most intranets suck. The reason is that the creators are operating under a false assumption; that an intranet is just an internal website. But other than some of the technologies employed, these two types of sites are very different animals. Many web designers and developers are presented with the task of fixing an intranet, but success often eludes them because of this misunderstanding of what the intranet is for, and what constitutes a good one. This happens despite the fact that they possess the required skills. This presentation will discuss how the situation can be improved, and how intranets might beat the stigma of the boring project that nobody wants to work on.

6.30pm for a 7pm start

Where: [changed]
University of Technology, Sydney
Broadway Campus
Building CB06
(off Harris Street)
Room number: CB.06.03.22


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