PO Box 127, Manson's Landing
Cortes Island, British Columbia

Web of Change is an annual gathering that connects industry leaders in online communications, technology, and networked activism - all of whom are actively building a better world. This year's event will be the 6th annual Web of Change conference.

Web of Change is not your average tech conference. Rather than gather in an urban setting and pack in as much as possible, this event is held at the extraordinarily beautiful Hollyhock Retreat Centre, nestled on the wild west coast of British Columbia. This conference is an opportunity to step back from your busy lives to discuss the big topics shaping your industry, collaborate with peers, build your leadership capacity, and reflect on why you do what you do.


Added by nep on January 25, 2006



We're basically sold out at this point, but if you still wanna come, drop me a line and we'll see what we can do! It's going to be great.