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How Entrepreneurs are Building a Better World and Profitable Businesses Through Social Activism

Technology is often perceived as an alienating and constraining force in society and on people, and popular opinion is that the rise of the Internet and the world wide web only reinforces this trend. In reality, technology is neither good nor bad, and today the web is being applied as a force for good and to generate new energy to social activism and the work of bringing people together around many important causes and ideas. Traditionally, due to the enormous costs involved in maintaining social activist networks, at best some of these organizations can cover their operational expenses while most lose money and falter. However, with the Internet and Web greatly lowering the costs involved in bringing together and maintaining these networks, the potential improves for these organizations to make money while pursuing social activist agendas.

Is it really possible to make money while applying the Internet to important social causes? The answer is yes, and this month the Vancouver Enterprise Forum is pleased to work with New Media BC to present expert speakers who will outline the new web-based business models for social activism and other “not for profit” endeavours. Moderated by Jason Mogus of Communicopia , the VEF and New Media BC are pleased to present web social activism experts Alexandra Samuel of Social Signal, Michael Tippett of NowPublic.com and Sue Biely of The Nimble Company to discuss how tech entrepreneurs can build a business while promoting important social causes. Jason Mogus of Communicopia will play host as event moderator.

The evening will also feature a presentation by Don Safnuk of the BC Technology Social Venture Partners, and a quick snapshot presentation by Michael Sikorsky, CEO of Cambrian House and the Robin Hood Fund. This light dinner/networking event should be of interest to business entrepreneurs in every industry, and will provide a unique forum for networking with members of the technology community, including some of our top local VCs and entrepreneurs.

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at Science World. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., with the presentations beginning precisely at 6:45 p.m. Pre-registration is highly recommended at www.vef.org. Admission is free for members, $35 for non-members.

Official Website: http://vef.org/web/EventDetails.asp?ProductID=99

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