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Web Monday is an informal, non-commercial, and completely community-driven event that aims to connect the people who are shaping the future of the internet. Inspired by the culture of Silicon Valley, it started out in Cologne, Germany in late 2005 in an effort to help spread those sunny California vibes.

Since its inception, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held on a regular basis in 35+ cities all across Germany, in Austria, Sweden, Silicon Valley as well as on Second Life. Nurturing the local web 2.0 and internet startup scenes, Web Monday’s 100+ meetings have attracted 1,000+ repeat participants so far, and good things have come out of it.

Anyone involved in web 2.0 or neighboring fields who is interested in learning and sharing with others is most welcome to join. Whether you are a thinker, builder, designer, founder or funder – Web Monday is your chance to present your product, your service, your startup, or your next big idea to a growing audience of web aficionados.

Official Website: http://www.webmontag.de/doku.php?id=silicon_valley

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You can also sign up on Facebook.


Venue confirmed: We'll be at Cooley once again.


We have about 25 people signed up (on Facebook, Upcoming and on the wiki). Feel free to bring your friends and colleagues (or give a quick demo/presentation). See you on Monday!


It was great being there! thanks for organizing!

Andraz Tori, Zemanta