547 Emerson St
Palo Alto, California 94301

Folks, it’s gonna be hot in August. Better take a break from the ordinary and just find ourselves a beergarden to relax after work. Suggestions welcome.

About Web Monday

Web Monday is an informal gathering (in and around Germany) aimed at bringing together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, web pioneers, inventors, bloggers, podcasters, end users and other folks interested in web 2.0 (in the broadest sense). The goal is to better connect the German web 2.0 and internet startup scene as well as improve transatlantic idea exchange between Germany and Silicon Valley.

Since its inception in November 2005, Web Monday has spread fast: meetings are now being held in 20+ cities all across Germany on a regular basis and have attracted several hundred repeat participants so far. Meetings have also been held in Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg (Austria) as well as on Second Life.

Who should attend

Anyone involved in web 2.0 or neighboring fields who has an interest in German-US business (or any kind of "bridging" between the two, for that matter) is most welcome to join. Whether you are from Germany and live and work here in Silicon Valley (and want to help spread the love), or whether you are from Silicon Valley and have ties to Germany – Web Monday Silicon Valley is your chance to present your product, your service, your startup, your cool new project or your next big idea to a growing audience of German web beer aficionados.

Official Website: http://www.webmontag.de/doku.php?id=silicon_valley

Added by planspark on July 29, 2007



Beer...the cause and solution to all my problems.


@Jeffrey In this meeting, we shall focus on the solution part. ;-)


We're on for Monday, folks, just need to finalize the exact location. Anyone know a nice beergarden (or similar) location in or around Palo Alto, let me know in the comments. Or on the wiki. Or on Facebook. Or... call me!


Ok, Rose and Crown in Palo Alto it is. See you tonight.


Exquisite turnout tonight. Thanks for showing up. ;-)

Mark your calendars: Web Monday Silicon Valley: The Metaverse Edition, October 8 in Palo Alto.