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Planning for web analytics
- Explaining what web analytics is and why it is important to colleagues
- Creating a comprehensive measurement framework for your organisation
- Creating a process so that reports are analysed and acted upon

Selecting web analytics solutions
- Ten key requirements for a web analytics tool
- Server-based and hosted solutions – why you made need both
- Campaign vs web site orientation
- Assessing reporting and visualisation capabilities

Improving site visitor acquisition through web analytics
- Key measures and techniques for assessing referrer effectiveness for search marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising and other online marketing techniques
- Techniques to achieve unified reporting
- How to apply analytics to reduce cost of acquisition

Improving site conversion with web analytics
- Fixing the leaky pipe
- Identifying quick wins to convert more browsers to outcomes
- Site visitor segmentation and targeting techniques

Improving customer retention with web analytics
- Approaches to web data mining
- Analysing customer transaction using FRAC analysis / RFM to inform targeting and touch strategies
- Analysing e-mail marketing response patterns to improve responsiveness

Neil Mason is the co-founder of Applied Insights, an analytics consultancy that specialises in the online space. Neil has been involved in marketing analysis for more years than he cares to remember having started off his career at ACNielsen helping major FMCG brands understand the effectiveness of their marketing programmes.

Neil got involved in web analytics over 5 years ago when he moved from the agency side to the client side as Chief Knowledge Officer at QXL. He developed and led the implementation of the company’s marketing information strategy, implementing a customer data warehouse and a web analytics solution across the business’s 12 European markets. Neil became Chief Marketing Officer for QXL in 2001 and got the opportunity to practice what he preached by putting customer insights and analysis at the core of the marketing strategy.

At Applied Insights, Neil consults with major businesses using web analytics to improve online business performance and is also a frequent speaker at web analytics conferences and events.

Official Website: http://www.e-consultancy.com/knowledge/events/1219/web-measurement-and-analytics--london-seminar.html

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