Great Cumberland Place
London, England

Meet other locals, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to increase and earn more with their current businesses with the Internet.

This is a workshop where you will learn
interactively with others and share your ideas on internet marketing..

Here are some of the profit pulling strategies that will be shared with you:

With the all new "Web Marketing Domination Workshop" you'll easily discover:

* How to build your very first list, (even if you don't have a single subscriber now!)

* Why you'll make 100 times more profit selling to the customers on your list

* How to create a huge, hungry audience for all your products --almost overnight

* The secret to creating super-loyal customers who actually have the cash to spend

* How to set up your product or service so that it will sell time and time again.

* How to get targeted traffic using the most cutting edge hidden Web 2.0 strategies.

* A core skill to erase any information overload challenge so you easily remain completely focused while working and free from worry when not working.

You can join via

Limited to 50 people.

Official Website:

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