126 Drury Lane TheatreLand
London, England WC2B 5SU

(see the comments for the meetup times and locations)

There are a few reasons for this event.

First, John Allsopp is in the country and we wanted to have an excuse to meet up with him and say hi.

Second, I have recently been in contact with a few people in the UK community about the subject of web design/development and education. What can we do in the community to help improve the way web stuff is taught at educational institutions? We are also thinking of organizing a more formal UK event to discuss this subject properly at a later date, and wanted to discuss that. If you have a passion for education and want to discuss this stuff, we'd love to have you over!

Third, there are loads of lovely people in the London area that we hardly ever get to see, so this is a good excuse.

Added by chris mills on January 7, 2010


chris mills

Have just found out that the WSG meet is on the same night, so we are going to that. More info to follow.

chris mills

Ok, it's agreed. We will meet up at the London Web Standards Group meeting at 7pm. The address of that is

Covent Garden Wallacespace
2 Dryden Street
Covent Garden
London, London WC2E 9NA
United Kingdom

And they are a jolly nice bunch of chaps. Christian Crumlish from Yahoo is speaking too, and he is jolly good.

Some of us will also be going for some dinner beforehand, at about 5.30/6. I'll post another comment when we have worked out where.

chris mills

We are meeting at 5.30 in the Sarastro restaurant for dinner, before heading on to the WSG meeting:

Sarastro Restaurant
126 Drury Lane