No. 1 Broadway, Ultimo
Sydney, New South Wales

"The richest and most inspiring conference-going experience I've had all year was definitely WE04 in Sydney"

Dave Shea

In 2005 Web Essentials goes even further, bringing 7 international speakers who are second to none in their field. We'll be covering the latest developments in web design, development, user experience and accessibility, workflow and strategy, with in depth sessions on CSS, XHTML, emergent semantics, Javascript, AJAX, and much more.

Molly Holzschlag, Eric Meyer, Tantek Çelik, Jeff Veen, Kelly Goto, Douglas Bowman, and Derek Featherstone. You won't see an international lineup like this anywhere else in the world this year.

Add to the mix local speakers including Dean Jackson, Cameron Adams, John Allsopp, Russ Weakley and James Robertson.

Web Essentials is all about the content. Every one of the 22 sessions over two days will be jam packed with the information you came to hear - guaranteed waffle free - designed to send you away informed, and most importantly, equipped with new ideas and techniques.

Once the formalities are over for the day it's your opportunity to network and socialise - with people you've previously only known through email, with people who you've read and learned so much from, and with others you've never heard of who will turn out to be the breakout stars of the web of the future.

WE05 is in Sydney on September 29 and 30. Register now, mark it down in your diary and start counting down the days.

Added by mancjew on May 26, 2005