25 Garden St
Eveleigh, New South Wales 2015

Indi Young - Mental Models for product designers, researchers and UX professionals
Andy Clarke - Visual Web Design Masterclass
Christian Heilmann - Pragmatic, accessible JavaScript in a web services world
Lisa Herrod - Web Usability: A Holistic Approach
Brian Fling - Creating Mobile 2.0 Web Apps
Grant Young - Engaging social media

Indi Young - Mental Models

If you are a product designer, user experience professional, or design researcher looking to create better web products for your organisation or clients, don't miss this full day workshop.

Andy Clarke - Visual Web Design Masterclass
This one day masterclass will inspire you to make the best design possible for the web, showing you new ways of working with CSS and standards based markup to create beautiful designs using classic typography and layout.

Christian Heilmann - Pragmatic, accessible JavaScript in a web services world

In this workshop we'll take a rather messed up old web product and clean it up to make it accessible, easy to maintain and hand over to third parties, and always up-to-date by piggy-backing on web services like Yahoo's YQL and Pipes, and social systems like Twitter, Flickr and Delicious.

Lisa Herrod - Web usability: a holistic approach

Creating a great user experience is now expected of the entire project team. This hands on practical workshop is for people who need to understand usability in the context of their role, who want to improve their skills and take a more professional approach to it in their work.

Brian Fling - Creating mobile 2.0 web apps

More mobile devices can access the Internet than there are desktop computers. More people can make purchases with a mobile phone than have credit cards. But how do you build for it? And how can you make money doing it? In this full day workshop we will find answers to both these questions by creating a mobile application together.

Grant Young - Engaging social media

This workshop is ideal for anyone considering engagement in social media either at a strategy or tactical level. This is not a technical session and although we will briefly touch on some popular sites, the focus will be on how you and your organisation can effectively and authentically engage participants.

Official Website: http://roadshow09.webdirections.org/sydney

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