No. 1 Broadway, Ultimo
Sydney, New South Wales

Following the success of WE04 and WE05, Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp announce Web Directions 2006. Over two big days of WD06, plus two days of workshops, you'll hear from international speakers: Kelly Goto, Derek Featherstone, Jeremy Keith, Thomas Vander Wal, Andy Clarke and Molly Holzschlag, as well as all the local folk, who have also been doing some pretty exciting things this last year:

* standards based development with (X)HTML, CSS and DOM scripting AJAX
* the latest design approaches
* web app design and development
* User experience interaction design
* information architecture, including tag clouds and folksonomies
* website and web app accessibility
* workflow and strategy
* RSS and syndication
* designing for mobile devices
* user generated content
* moving your organisation to web standards

Official Website:

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Just added: I'll also be presenting a workshop on the 26th: Designing for Interaction. Hope you'll attend!