TBD, California

More details on the event will be forthcoming. Per the draft overview and schedule on the main web site / blog / soc net: http://web2point3.org/

Day 1 - Wednesday October 21, 2009

The first day will consist of a single track of presentations (please submit topics via the forum thread for Day 1 Presentation Submissions. If space allows (and we are planning on it) we will offer Open Space too.

Night 1 - PARTY

We need sponsors and a venue for this blow out party. The Web 2point2 party is still one of the best in my memory when it comes to web conference party, except for that one search engine party where everyone got a $500 mobile phone... hard to top that kind of party, but we will try!

If space allows, we will be selling tickets just to the party at the door for $25

Day 2 - October 22, 2009

The second day will kickoff in the morning with a big keynote (or perhaps a debate with Andrew Keen) and then be followed by a World Cafe http://wordcafe.org/ focused on envisioning the best possible future for the web. By this I mean to say we will discuss what the web would look like, how it would work and what we are most missing today. The rest of the day will be an open space barcamp styled event exploring the key factors and forces that will lead to the next generation of the web.


If you would like to help organize, join the organizers group on the web site. http://webcubed.ning.com/group/organizers


For basic participating sponsorship, you can sign up here and pay the $350 fee (which includes 3 tickets to the unconference and party). If you would like to be one of the four infrastructure sponsors for this event ($5,000 each) please contact us via [email protected]

Official Website: http://web2point3.org/

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