1 Market Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California

We are gathering Wednesday night (8th) from 6pm to 8pm at the Microsoft Conference Center to make sure our little duckies are in a row and we are ready for the UNconference to start the following morning.

We need help setting up the area (tables/chairs/registration desk/etc.), securing the surge protectors and all that electronic goodness, putting the badges together, and bringing in the food and drinks.

Security is tight here, so we are asking everyone who can help do PRE-setup to meet us in front of the building at 6pm and we can all go up together. If you run a little late, you can always call my cell phone at 415.577.9022, but it is preferable if you could get there at 6pm.

You can either shoot me an email at kristie [at] brainjams [dot] org, or put yourself as attending here. Whatever is easiest.

Looking forward to a great event!

Official Website: http://www.web2point2.org

Added by kristiewells on November 6, 2006



maybe a beer afterwards at house of shields?


i'm a maybe. will call if i can wrest myself from other matters and get over there.


Forgot to note we will be ordering pizza, beers and sodas to be delivered around 7pm.

Lawrence, not sure we can do anything afterwards, but let's play it by ear. I am trying to make tonight a fairly early night.