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This is a participatory UnConference sort of event (I like to call them BrainJams) inspired by BarCamp and TechCrunch BBQ. For those of us who are working in the next wave that many call Web2.0 who can not afford the $2,800 to go to the Web 2.0 conference, this is a great chance to get together, share our ideas and contribute to other's.

The format needs to be worked on stil, and the content is mostly up to participants, but this is the basic structure we are working with as of today.

THEME: what Web 2.0 is today, what we thought it was going to be and most importantly, what we want it to become with the Web 2.1 'release'.

What is Web 2.1?
- Why it's not 2.0
- A vision for the future (my angle on this is in the post I wrote earlier today - about technologists and business people coming together and trusting one another, and developing valuable tools)
- Things we want to see - ideas and projects, existing or imagined
- How do we spread the concepts to the "average joe"? How do we explain Blogging to the world? What efforts are going on now?

I don?t want to set too much structure here. I just want enough so that the energy of the participants is concentrated on something that matters. Perhaps the idea of Web 2.1 is too soon for some people, but as those of us in the software industry know - there is usually one team taking care of the fixes for the last version, and another working on the next release, so I personally don't have a problem with the term in the proper context.

What do you think? Join us to discuss....

Read the original posts and follow the discussion here Chris' Insytes & Web 2.1 Wiki

BrainJam location in San Francisco at KRON4 Studios.

Added by kikichris on October 5, 2005