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User Contribution, Data Analytics and Monetization

* Recruit more contributors, get more from current ones
* Promote contribution via architectures, apps, interfaces
* Boost user value from data analytics: structure, trending, graphics
* Build advertising while keeping users - blend don't break
* Beyond ads - subscriptions, hybrid fees, value-add services, sponsors

+ Paul Bragiel, Meetro CEO, leading proximity-based social networking site
+ Michal Faber, 3S Generator founder, built BiznesNet, Poland's largest business networking site
+ Konstatin Guericke, Linked In vp Marketing, world leader in business networking
+ Dr. Bernardo Huberman, Hewlett Packard director, Information Dynamics Lab, Senior HP Fellow
+ Ramit Sethi, PBwiki co-founder & VP Marketing, leading consumer wiki platform with 100,000+ wikis
+ Wojciech Sobczuk, Grono founder & architect, Poland's largest social networking portal, 1m+ users
+ Marcin Malinowski, Onet director, Business Incubator, Poland's largest portal, acquired for $400m
+ Greg Welch, Intel director, Strategy and Industry Initiatives, focusing on Web 2.0

Moderator: Dr. Charles Petrie, Stanford Consulting Professor, specializing in collective work and AI

Why Poland? They "get" Web 2.0. There are far more Polish articles per capita on Wikipedia than any other language. Poles are Skype's largest and most avid user base. Inventive sites abound for media sharing, social networking, and news aggregation. All this springs from a well-educated, technically savvy society with passion for innovative expression and group contribution. For years Intel, Motorola, Samsung, IBM, Lucent, Nokia and Siemens have designed their core global products in Poland. Now, with Web 2.0, home-grown companies are also raising eyebrows.


Official Website: http://www.usptc.org

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