1940 Duke Street, 2nd Floor
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

This fast-paced hands-on training program teaches forward thinking Web architects and designers how to build compelling, user-centric, Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). With a concept-to-completion format, attendees learn how to seize the power of the future in this day long course.

Students will learn the basics of Ajax including asynchronous server communication, Dynamic HTML, and Javascript. The latest techniques and best practices for building RIAs are explored including Ajax design patterns and user interface strategies for building elegant, highly addictive Web sites and applications.

Throughout the day long course, the hands-on format gives attendees a complete working knowledge of the latest techniques in Ajax application and provides the essentials of the most popular Ajax frameworks including Dojo, Prototype, and script.aculo.us.

Ajax Bootcamp also delves into advanced Ajax strategies including performance tuning, debugging, and testing and explores the latest Flash-based RIA platforms including OpenLaszlo and Flex.

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Official Website: http://web20university.com

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