Marble Arch
London, England W1H 7AL

Event Overview:
The rise of social media and new and innovative ways to engage clients in business means there are more choices for any business professional to interact. However, with all these choices what is the best move for your business?

With so many choices faced by SME’s to enterprise businesses, knowing what is out there, what works best is paramount to the budget holder. One of the major challenges faced by SMEs and Enterprises are the feasibilities in adopting and successfully deploying Web 2.0 into their business. The next hurdle is
what strategy to take and then down which channel. With so many choices even experienced decision makers are caught up in the noise.

This conference tackles two themes: Interface - how users interact with new web developments; Innovation - what are the emerging trends in the internet and deploying credible business needs to end clients. Can you make business critical decisions on deploying new web innovations? The innovation stream will feature the audience to vote on 6 new web innovations and to invited venture capitalists.

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