655 West 34th Street
New York, New York

As large as the crowd was that gathered at the inaugural Web 2.0 Expo last April in San Francisco, the majority were from the Bay Area and the West. In order to serve the thriving web community on the East coast, interwoven with the financial, advertising, and consulting industries headquartered in New York, we're building a vibrant event for the developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other web professionals who'd like to learn and network with like minds in the Big Apple.

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FaceySpacey.com will be in attendance representing OrganicIncentive.com and Lukup.com.

http://FaceySpacey.com - "The Startup Incubator"

The Dude Dean

I can't make it so I blame it on scoble.


Only a few days to go now...

We're bringing over 21 British companies as part of the 'Digital Mission' and are also hosting a few events in and around the Expo where you can meet and network with the start-ups and other innovative digital companies coming over from the UK...

Event line-up here: http://snipurl.com/3pma0

Hope to see some of you next week!

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