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Web 2.0 Design Trend & Tool
Speaker: James Ward
Technical Evangelist at Adobe Macromedia Flex

What is Flex?
The Flex server also acts as a gateway to allow the client to communicate with XML Web Services and Remote Objects (such as Coldfusion CFCs, Java Classes, and anything else that supports the Action Message Format).

Flex 2 changes the licensing model to open room to a free version of the technology, called "Flex Framework". Commonly mentioned as alternatives to Flex are OpenLaszlo and Ajax technologies.

Flex 2 Wins Java Developers Journal Editors' Choice Award
"Adobe Flex 2 is a very potent player in the Rich Internet Application arena." Learn why one JDJ editor was "very impressed".

Why we invite Adobe Lab?
Many web 2.0 beautiful design, CSS, and codes are generated from an array of products from the biggest software maker - Adobe. Adobe has the most sophisticated innovative team with established usability experts. They are the leaders of leaders who help developers and designers to make many designs and applications possible. Come and listen to the expert on the latest technology from Adobe Lab. You may get lucky to receive Adobe software license.

James Ward has 10 years of experience building web sites and web applications. He architected and built the Adobe Flex-based RIA web portal at http://www.pillardata.com. He will be sharing his experience and expertise in controlling CSS and AJAX in Flex, user interface design trends and the latest advance technology on Rich Internet Application (RIA).

Admission: FREE - RSVP Required

When: 11/29/06 Wed

Time: 6:30 pm-9:00pm
6:30 pm Networking with Food & Drink
7:30 pm Presentation / Q&A - Adobe
Adobe Macromedia Giveaways

Where: Building Two "The Matrix"
Hurricane Electric
48233 Warm Spring Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(Just less than a mile from Milpitas and
less than 3 miles from Fwy 237 East Milptias Exit)

Official Website: http://www.thewebsig.com

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