LONDON, England

Background and Objectives:
What are the real and concrete business benefits to be gained from implementing Social Tools such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, other collaborative technologies? How can they be put into practice?
This highly interactive and lively conference brings together experts working in the environment of Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0, the new breed
of managers and entrepreneurs – “Managers 2.0” - who have seen the power of collaboration and engagement, who have found new ways
of saving time and money, and who share their experience with their audience in a way that is instructive, useful, and even fun.
This is our fifth Web 2.0 conference. We are delighted to have Gurteen Knowledge supporting the conference again and to welcome back
speakers who received exceptional reviews at past events, as well as some new to us, who have interesting stories to tell.

Benefits of Attending:
Attendees will gain an excellent overview of how social tools can be used in business today to foster collaboration, create greater cohesion,
support innovation and win customers. Find out about the real concrete benefits, the downsides, the security issues involved and the
implications for your organisation, and receive practical hints and tips on implementation.

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