2 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94105

The Web 2.0 Conference focuses on emerging business and technology developments that utilize the Web as a platform and defines how the Web will drive business in the future. Now that the Web has become a robust platform with countless innovations driving its ongoing development, widespread disruptions in traditional business models are well underway. But within the chaos of disruption lies the seeds of opportunity. We'll focus on the startups and financiers tending those seeds, of course - including the second annual Launch Pad. But we'll also highlight how the incumbents are also taking advantage of disruption, or, at the very least, how they are responding to it so as to protect their market positions.

Official Website: http://www.web2con.com/web2006/

Added by oreilly on June 19, 2006



Anyone want to pay for me to go?


Ha ha - good advice, factoryjoe! ;)


Is it free or else, how much does it cost?


Ok, I found out on the wbsite... sold out :(


Going is relative to if you are actually accepted. I don't know why they would want a blogging, vlogger who plays with technology for a living to go to their conference, so I guess i tmakes sense that I wasn't accepted.

[email protected]

Am a launchpad applicant so vote for Duck9


Looking forward to the event, it'll be my first. Any good parties on the side?


attending a similar one but hosted by webguild tomrrow. similar name too... "WebGuild Annual Conference 2006: Web 2.0 — The New Web"


Would love to go, need paycheck 2.0


I'm planning on hanging out in the lobby of the Palace as I couldn't score a ticket. I figure at worse case, it will be like telecommuting. Best case, I'll learn a lot from osmosis.


For those attending (or not attending) Web 2.0 and also interested in Mobile and Mobile Web topics, come along to mobile2.0, a one day event running on November 6th. See http://upcoming.org/event/119756/ for more detail and be sure to register at http://www.mobile2event.com if you plan to attend.


For those attending (or not attending) this year's Web 2.0 Conference who are interested in web 2.0 made in Germany, please check out Web Monday Silicon Valley, Monday, November 6, at 6.30pm at Cooley Godward Kronish LLP in Palo Alto, CA.


I've gone to a "Web 2.0 conference" every week for the last six months!


meh, web2.0 is old news. Don't worry about it, catch a plane to Toronto

Enterprise2.0 is the new hotness ;)



Enterprise and hotness do not belong in the same sentence. Even if you are referring to the short-lived Star Trek series.

Interested 257