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Everything You Need to Know About Web 2.0

EVENT PURPOSE: Give participants a thorough grounding in the revolutionary world of Web 2.0

REFRESHMENTS: Full Meal Included

Brought to you by Hinchcliffe & Company, Web 2.0 University presents an all day deep dive educational event. Devised by Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 expert Dion Hinchcliffe, an acknowledged social and enterprise computing thought leader with a worldwide reputation, "Everything You Need To Know About Web 2.0" will help you in just one day to fully understand the business significance of Web 2.0 concepts like collective intelligence, social media, wikis, syndication strategies, "The Web as Platform," self-service software, mashups, Jakob's Law, and rich user experiences. By the end of the day you will see how you can build and grow a real 21st century business with these ideas.

Web 2.0 University participants will: *Achieve a fundamental understanding of the eight principles of Web 2.0. *Get a clear view of the new business models made possible by Web 2.0. *Learn how to create disruptive market leading online platforms. *Gain best practices for sustainable competitive advantage online. *Get a detailed tour of Enterprise 2.0 and why it's so important. *Study Web 2.0 examples, case studies, and success stories in detail. *Understand how to use social media to win in the marketplace.

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Official Website: http://web20university.com

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