Fruitvale Ave
Oakland, California

We Hella Hate Potholes Oakland Bike Ride

When: Saturday May 2nd. 11:00am. Bikes leave at 11:30am!!!

Where: Fruitvale Bart Station: Look for the group of bikers standing around.

What: Bring your bike (or your walking shoes). A pad of paper and a pen. We will disperse to search for potholes and jot down their locations.

The goal: To populate this map with as many potholes as possible.

Why: Biking for good. If we can find the potholes - we can present this with an Oakland Tribune article in the making giving it more context and potentially having a bigger impact. Who knows, maybe even some positive action will come on behalf of the city in reaction?

RSVP: Facebook or Upcoming.

If you can't spare a Saturday - maybe you can spare $10 to help the reporting.

So pump up your bicycle wheels (skateboards, rollerblades and those wheel'd shoes all the kids have also accepted).

Contact info at for details.

Official Website:

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