100 Tremont St.
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

A casual Tweetup for drinks and good old-fashioned conversation at the Beantown Pub.

Story behind the event
I (Bryan Person) just found out I'm going to be profiled for included in an article in a Boston newspaper, and the reporter needs a group photo or two to go along with her story. So, the only requirement for attending the Tweetup is not minding that your photo could appear in the Boston press!

We're social!
The story's angle is that we online social networkers aren't a bunch of introverts hiding in our grandmothers' basements. Let's prove the point at the Tweetup!

Call Bryan Person at (781) 413-5846. Otherwise, hope to see you there!

Added by bryper on December 3, 2007



I can almost make this. I have meeting ending at about 4:30 at 145 Tremont St and I have to be at Logan at 6 for 8pm flight to Denver. Have fun!


That's OK, Len. I do hope to see you at Social Media Breakfast 4, though, on Monday, December 17.

Safe travels!


I LOVE that name!! It's still believed in many quarters that people who have online lives don't have an offline life. So not true! Wish I could make it Bryan, but I"m saving my driving time and energy for the breakfast. You can send the reporter to me, though, for some strong opinions on this subject!

Critt Jarvis

Magic always happens at your gatherings, Bryan. This one I can make. Thanks!


And by the way, good on ya for knowing how to punctuate a plural possessive. :)


I guess I technically qualify… ;)

See you there!