21 7th Avenue South (at Leroy St.), 1/9 to Houston
New York City, New York

this friday July 8th.
at Luke and Leroy - 21 7th Ave South (corner of Leroy)
OPEN VODKA/BEER BAR from 11-12am

The Crucial Getdown Djs Vs. Ghostly Intl.
watch as we get down to the sound of our underground....

Dirty Jean (Mad Clams, Girlie Action, W.C.A. resident, Crucial Getdown) Brett Burton (Crucial Getdown, The In-Men) Rok 1 (Crucial Getdown, the Bangers) Sheal (Crucial Getdown in training) Cowboy Mark (Crucial Getdown founder, Enabler Network, W.C.A. resident)


Jeffery "Menergy" Sfire (Ghostly Records dj, Chi Town/ Brooklyn): for you who dont know my main mamajama Jeffery, He is one mantastic freakazoid! He plays better than most djs in nyc, and plays better stuff than most djs in nyc.

Dirty Jean:
Well I heart this lady to death! She will make you sit up and take notice. Helped run friday night at the Hole (mad clams) into the history books! If you never went to that... You got no biz being in NYC!

Brett Burton:
Crunk-Wave = Bretts own blend of shit you love and shit you dont know! Booty-tastic! Electrofunk, dirt flooracid, methlab jacktastic beats and smooooth synths.

Rok 1:
This NYC resident lived here WWWWAY b 4 u did! Like when alphabet city was a war zone and NYXHC was a symbol to fear! Putting together sounds of the street circa in his early days while dodging hammers on ave a. He likes to play Freestyle, Disco, Hip Hop New Wave, Booty and electro.

Sheal(skin you alive):
The youngest/newest addition to the fam. She's got the fire in her eyes and acid in her blood! Dark side of dance for this one! Heart of gold and blood cold as ice! Mothers lock up your sons. New romantical necro-tech, acid, and spastic pop.

Cowboy Mark:
Well, with out my crew I'm just a lonesome cowboy. I am honored to share the tables with any of these folk at any time. whether it be just for fun at a birthday party or in the apt. Or playing for keeps in the club, I gotto say I wouldnt want a finer team to be on. KNOW THIS, FOR IT IS WORD! I play stuff you wont like.

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