890 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

You are cordially invited to WBUR's second social media facilitated get together.

This very loosely structured gathering will commence at 8ish. Expect coffee and bagels, a tour of the station and some free-flowing conversation about new media and public radio.

Questions? Tweet WBUR or email: [email protected].

RSVPs appreciated. Here or email, Tweet me.


Ken George

Added by WBUR on August 11, 2008



I had the please of attending the first one a couple of weeks ago. It was a blast to meet Ken, Robin and some of the other members of the WBUR social media team. If you have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it.


Thanks for the plug Paul!

Your participation in the last one really helped make the evening.

Hope to see you at another. We plan more!


Hi Ken, We tweeted it so I better attend it. See you Friday 8:30 ish given social media geocaching event (whatever that is) night before.


Hey Adam!

Glad you are going to attend.

Gee I missed the geocaching event thing and would go if
not for a week of trying to get things in order before my

See ya Friday!


10:00am would work better for me, but will try to make any time work this Friday. Thanks for the opportunity to connect off-line.

Adam, thanks for mentioning the Geocaching meeting. That reminds me that I once registered the domain "GeoKissing" and that August 14 is half way to Valentine's Day. So my hope is that WBUR listeners will post photos of PLACES they LOVE in New England in response to this WBUR Tweet:


Ken, does WBUR have plans to turn the photos into an interactive map? Regardless, maybe listeners can show their love for New England and WBUR by submitting (or tagging) photos of "Best Places to Kiss" in New England. Anyone who listened to the "Last Lecture" on WBUR and saw Randy Pausch kiss his wife knows that every day should be filled with passion. Every day is Valentine's Day.



Hey Bill.

Look forward to meeting you.

Like your ideas regarding the Listener Photo Project.
Maybe I can pick your brain a bit and we can implement some of your suggestions.

And thanks for the support!