1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, California 92110

*** Wayne "The Train" Hancock ***

Wednesday, August 17
Brick by Brick
San Diego, CA

Wayne "The Train" Hancock has been called "the master of hillbilly swing, a "roots Renaissance man," a "country singer's country singer" and "Hank Williams meets Gershwin." But the phrase most frequently echoed throughout this career is "Wayne Hancock is the real deal" when referring to his authentic and original blend of honky tonk, western swing, blues and big band that he calls "juke joint swing!" Hancock's vision, as he puts it, is "to bring people together and make them feel good about music. There ain't much on the radio that strikes me as being original or from the heart; most of it's from the pocketbook and it shows."

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i love wayne hancock, and have seen him a half-dozen times, but man, i don't like brick by brick.

why does mr.hancock insist on playing the same lame venues all the time (see rodeo bar in nyc)?

Bloodshot Records

I'll definitely pass along the suggestion to play non-lame venues to Wayne.


Brick by Brick rocks. Where else can you mosh or play pool at a gig?


i know you were being facetious, but the rodeo bar IS a terrible place to see a band. if you don't get there early enough to snag one of the 2 dozen tables (meaning hours before, forcing you to order dinner as well), you are screwed. twice i tried to see wayne, but had to hang out at the bar in the other room and just listen.