75 Cowcross Street
London, England EC1M 6EJ

A talk by Sue Manley of Placemarque, on Monday 02 February 2008, 6.00pm

Places change over time, and the type and demands of visitors also change.

This talk will look at wayfinding at an urban design level.By using a number of case studies such as the City of London, Cambridge and Durham, we can see how some places have changed yet the grain and key landmarks still refer to an earlier time.

New wayfinding for visitors needs to address these changing requirements by identifying what is important to visitors now, yet retaining the character and references which make the place distinctive.

Sue Manley is an architect having worked in architectural and urban design practices for a number of years before forming the wayfinding company Placemarque, and now completes wayfinding projects throughout the UK.

Entry to this event is by ticket only. To purchase a ticket please visit our Shop.

Official Website: http://www.signdesignsociety.co.uk/content.php?folder_id=21

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