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Former painter Snow's seminal structuralist film comprises a continuous slow zoom, shifting from a wide view of a room to a close-up of a photograph on the wall; meanwhile a mysterious narrative unfolds involving the discovery of a man's death. Changes in colour, lighting, sound and elements of the film's materiality underline its status as a ground-breaking study in perception. Canada 1967 Dir Michael Snow. 45 mins. Plus Zorns Lemma. Frampton (who appeared in Snow's film) created another structuralist classic, albeit of a very different sort. Beginning with women reading couplets from an old grammatical primer, the film then shifts into silent mode with an expanding loop of short shots showing an array of words on signs and in graffiti. A distinctively rhythmic exploration of language, the film was a big influence on Peter Greenaway, among others. USA 1970 Dir Hollis Frampton.

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