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Lesbian desire and teenage angst are working overtime among three 15-year-old girls in a Parisian suburb. Floriane is the blonde bombshell star of the synchronized swimming team and the object of affection to gawky Marie, who positions herself as Floriane’s confidante and covers for Floriane’s sexual escapades with her boyfriend. Meanwhile chubby Anne realizes her friendship with Marie is being threatened by Marie’s growing obsession with Floriane. Told with honesty and unflinching realism, director Sciamma’s first feature expertly taps into the psyche and social dynamics of teenage girls in this rich coming-of-age tale.

Official Website: http://www.outfest.org/outfest/ofwed200803.html

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It'll be close, but I should be done at the gym in time to go to this.


Can't go now...have to have dinner with a friend in Simi