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Water crises are occurring more frequently than ever before, and they threaten the lives of people everywhere.

The need is pressing for comprehensive and integrated water management programs that involve parties outside the water sector, as governments alone cannot solve water crises without the cooperation and coordination of these groups. Although there is growing public awareness of world water issues, there are few concerted, long-term and effective efforts on the water front, and only when water disasters hit communities do concrete actions take place, often with results limited to the short-term.

This conference aims to foreground the subject of water issues and provide a space for discussion and debate by policy-makers, water managers, academics, students and the public in general. It will focus on water management provincially and globally, its progress and challenges, and the implications of water issues around the world.

The Centre for Public Interest Accounting at the Haskayne School of Business, along with the Development Studies Club, are pleased to sponsor the "Water for Life 2010 Conference: Managing and protecting water reserves for future generations" at the University of Calgary.

Registration: Sylvia Fuchek: [email protected]
403-220-3812 | RSVP by March 10, 2010
Free Event / Open to the public

Official Website: http://haskayne.ucalgary.ca/faculty/centres/cpia/water_for_life_2010

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