216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101

(This event is at the Triple Door's Musiquarium. No cover.)

This New Years Eve, we are proud to present two of our favorite Musicquarium acts Soul Kata and Water Babies for NO COVER CHARGE and a complimentary Dumont champagne toast to boot!

Fusing the sounds and forms of modern soul and R&B with the freedoms of the most contemporary improvisation, Soul Kata is crafting a new jazz/vocal fusion that is as original as it is unique. The bands repertoire features entirely original music that is loose enough to allow the musicians the freedom to express themselves, while requiring a high level of accuracy and precision. The band has always been focused on creating music that blends the freedoms of modern jazz with the most contemporary song forms.

Water Babies came together as an experiment to see if the group could strip away everything they knew about form and chord changes and just ride The Groove. What they have found has exceeded their wildest expectations. All of their songs are one-take improvisations rooted in The Groove which we hope will have you shakin' your thang!

[text taken from http://www.tripledoor.net/event.aspx?eid=2033&venue=musicq - TF]

Official Website: http://www.tripledoor.net/

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