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All you need to do is watch the local news or pick up the paper to see what a dangerous place our roadways have become. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automobile crashes are the number one cause of death for Americans ages 2 through 34, and one of the top ten causes of death for all age groups.

With healthcare costs skyrocketing, businesses are looking for ways to reduce the frequency of their automobile crashes and the resulting injuries and loss of production. Frustrated motorists are looking for ways to avoid collisions that are caused by the careless actions of other road users. Insurance companies are looking for ways to reduce the claims resulting from automobile crashes.

This short presentation will describe some of the driving techniques used by professional drivers like those at UPS and Federal Express, and how these same techniques can be used by you, your family and your employees to help reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision. You never know; the life (or the money) you save could be your own.

Learn how to:

* Keep yourself and your passengers safer on the roadway
* Anticipate and avoid hazards that could cause collisions
* Respond to threats posed by unsafe road users
* Take simple steps to reduce risk
* Reduce stress when you are behind the wheel
* And much more!

About the speaker:

Joe Darden is the founder and President of Joe Darden Group, LLC. His company specializes in providing defensive driver training to businesses and individuals. He developed the SMART Driving System(TM) to help drivers learn and apply key defensive driving techniques proven to reduce crashes and save lives.

Joe has over eighteen years of experience in the transportation industry, focusing on workplace and driver safety. He has provided extensive defensive driver training to employees and contractors at UPS, Federal Express Ground and Federal Express Home Delivery and has been interviewed as a safety expert by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management.

His company website can be viewed at http://joedardengroup.com.
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Joe Darden

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