The Lincoln Memorial
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Come join us for a photowalk along the National Mall, in Washington DC!

We'll catch the sunset then hit each of the main memorials along the Mall.

*Lincoln Memorial
*Korean War Memorial
*Vietnam Veterans Memorial
*The White House
*The Washington Monument
*US Capitol Building

Official Website:

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Since this one is getting close, I thought I'd toss up my mobile phone number, for those attending. If you're running late, print out the Google Map, from the main blog post or give me a call.



Looks like a lot of people might be coming. Better bring your megaphone ;-)


Looking forward to it! I'll be there + a few.


Woohoo! I'm getting excited about tonight's photowalk!


Likewise, I'm pretty psyched about tonight's photowalk as well! I'll see everyone tonight :)


Just wanted to share some notes/tips that I sent to my meetup members who signed up to attend tonight...

Keep in mind that a photowalk does not necessarily have a "leader" to tell us what and how to shoot. The photowalk is an opportunity for us to experiment, ask other photowalkers what they are doing/trying, and share what we are doing. It's one of those things where "you get whatever you put into it." If you reach out, introduce yourself to fellow photographers, ask questions, look around, and practice active/creative seeing/composition, etc., you'll learn a lot and have a great time.

Tripods. I called the National Park Service's Monuments and Memorials division earlier this week to ask them about tripods and such. Here's the bottom line: tripods are ok as long as they are NOT used inside the monuments themselves. No permit for a tripod is necessary as long as photos are for personal use. In addition, don't set up your tripod in a location that blocks a pedestrian path or inhibits the flow of foot traffic. This applies to the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and everywhere along the National Mall. I will warn everyone that the U.S. Capitol is different story. The Capitol Police requires permits for tripods. So when photographing the Capitol, either shoot with your tripod from off the grounds themselves, or go handheld.

With a large group of photographers out and with the regular tourists and visitors out and about, one cannot expect to take a photograph to capture the essence of solitude tonight. If anything, this is a chance to experiment and see how to work crowds and people (photographers and tourists) into your photographs. You'll be unhappy if you spend most of the night waiting until people clear out of your shot, so work with the scene and perhaps incorporate people moving through your shot. Tonight's the night to experiment with varying your shutter speeds :) If you want to break out from the group at any point to get some more room to work, that's totally fine too.

Anyone who's up for getting some food/drink (beer!) after the photowalk, let's look for each other around 9pm or so and we'll decide on a place to go. I'm thinking about somewhere along 7th Street/Penn Quarter/Chinatown area (RFD, Rocket Bar, etc.).


It was nice meeting everybody!


Very nice to see and meet you all!

I had a blast, and have processed a few photos. Check them out on my Flickr feed:


Oh yeah, the group photo too: