128 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

You went to the Rosey Awards, then maybe to an after party, and you had a great time. A week later, what sticks with you about the Roseys? Was it the performance? The drinks? The work that was awarded for its excellence? Was it winning an award yourself?

How we reward hard work, innovation, meeting (and exceeding) client goals, and just plain awesome design says a lot about what we value as designers and creative people. I've always been interested in how celebrations of design and awards shows affect the communities they serve, from award winners down to party attendees and their coworkers.

Let's gather for coffee and talk about awards shows in Portland and what they mean to you, your business, and the work you create.

When: Friday, November 13 from 8:00am – 10:00am.
Where: Downtown Stumptown, 128 SW 3rd Ave. (in the back at the couches)

This will be the first in a series of post-event coffee conversations focused on sharing what you loved/hated/found inspiring about creative community events in Portland. Hint: look for one the morning after Ignite!

Official Website: http://thenewcommunicators.com/2009/11/10/was-it-good-for-you-roseys-awards-shows-and-coffee/

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blah, I wish it wasn't in the morning! I'd be there if it were in the afternoon/evening.