20 Inverness Street, Camden
London, England NW1 7HJ

Warehouse Republic
New single ‘Not Today’

Intimate acoustic gig, Camden on 22nd July (free entry)

Freshly different to now, Warehouse Republic, earn the acclaim for each live show and release with classic song crafting and an intense passion that regularly spills over with exuberance. A change is on its way...

The first feedback for new single, ‘Not Today’, is encouraging; “Compelling and effective broadening of their style” 8/10 (Music Junkie), “Literally drips with passion and class.” 9/10 (Rhythm n Booze) available on iTunes http://bit.ly/wr_nottoday_itunes

Not Today art by Eugene Amkomah http://on.fb.me/EugeneAnkomah

Warehouse Republic Live - Friday 22nd July – one of a series of Flashbax acoustic sessions with the acclaimed and recommended playing at Suggs’ venue.

Doors 7pm, WR on stage 10pm, special guest Jamie Fisher (Officer Kicks) 9pm.

Bar Solo, 20 Inverness Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7HJ.

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Classic Rock Magazine track of the day and Warehouse Republic videos

22nd July intimate, semi-acoustic show - 10pm at Bar Solo, Camden (free entry) - with special guest Jamie Fisher (Officer Kicks) + Oasis tour DJ Phil Smith. There's a piano in the bar so I hope they can play ‘Not Today’ http://soundcloud.com/warehouserepublic/not-today

"We can safely bracket this in the 'anthemic' category" (Spoonfed)

Warehouse Republic are Classic Rock Magazine track of the day. http://classicrockmagazine.com/news/track-of-the-day-warehouse-republic/ and in the vanguard of the new rock n roll.

Ones To Watch: http://bit.ly/wr_videos

Rock chick, Heather Minx Ferguson, has made it THE watering hole within a month. Bar Solo features in the Camdenites TV trailer http://youtu.be/6yCCcLRkpys - It’s all happening. Be here now.

Next Warehouse Republic show : 13th August at CavStock, London SW8 - Autumn dates / release to be announced.

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