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USMF and XFight are very excited about our next event, "WAR of the HEROES 2". It is scheduled for February 21, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. This will be a mixed professional and amateur event under California State Athletic Commission's full Muaythai rule for pro bouts and no elbows for amateur bouts. There will be two United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) National Amateur Muaythai Championship fights, three professional male and female bouts and 10 exciting under card bouts with athletes coming from Thailand, Japan, New York, Michigan, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and California.

"We are excited to have skillful Muaythai professional athletes for our main event to showcase to local Bay Area fans what international Muaythai competition level is all about," said Mr. Michael Borbet, President of XFight Promotions.

"We are working to cross promote Muaythai athletes and the sport between USA and Japan. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for the amateur athletes and the fans that Muaythai is beyond just fighting," say Mr. Anthony Lin, President of United States Muaythai Federation and WBC Muaythai North American Coordinator.
The winners of the professional and amateur bouts will earn a spot to represent the USMF's National Muaythai Team at the upcoming International Federation of Muaythai Amateur's World Cup Tournament 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand (subject to change per IFMA). Also, the winners of the professional bouts will be ranked under the USMF, WMC and WBC Muaythai ranking system.

Under the leadership of Mr. Lin, USMF is working closely with the IFMA and other country Muaythai Federations to gain the General Assembly of International Sports Federation (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition, making Muaythai a step closer to become an Olympic sport.

"We are delighted to know that the United States Muaythai Federation is working to bring Muaythai to become one of the Olympic sports. Hope for someday in a near future this wish will come true and give both amateurs and professional Muaythai athletes more chance to compete in bouts worldwide and get higher recognition which generates cross over of international talents and build strong relationship between many countries." Say Ms. Chisa Yamane, WBC Muaythai Japan and Chairman of Japanese Professional Muaythai Committee.

The event will also feature professional female athletes from Nevada and New Mexico. This will be one of the first WBC Muaythai Female ranking fights to give female athletes an opportunity to compete professionally like their make counterparts. Dr. Jose Sulaiman, President of WBC, and Gen. Kovid, Vice President of WBC and Chairman of WBC Muaythai, have recently approved the WBC Muaythai Female Division as of November 2008.

"I am proud to be involved in one of the oldest, most respected sports in the World. The addition of women, the recognition and validation of their skills as Champions, is thrilling. Muaythai is another example of how sports can unite the world, trumping ideology and culture. This is a great event," said Ms. Jill Diamond, WBC Female Muaythai and Boxing, World Boxing Cares and North American Boxing Federation (NABF).

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