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San Francisco, California

I would like to invite anyone interested in MeshForum, networks, design, and visual thinking to join me on June 15th for an new way to hold a conference, a bit of exercise both mental and physical, and a great way to spend a day in the city of San Francisco.

WalkMesh will be the first of what I hope will be a series of Walkabouts, conferences held in motion, with stops along the way.

If you are interested in helping shape WalkMesh, please join me in planning it, leave comments here and watch this space for links to how to participate. Everything about WalkMesh is open to discussion. A few initial framing plans.

The plan is to walk, but also to stop frequently at a series of engaging spaces. These will be opportunities for new people to join us.

We will likely end the day at the Brainjam's event scheduled for the evening of June 15th, where (and when) we start and where we stop along the way is open to discussion.

Official Website:

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Let's start simple RSVP's via comments here and noting attending.

Places I would like us to visit:

- Palace of Fine Arts
- Ocean/Seacliff
- Golden Gate Park
- Presidio
- School of the San Francisco Art Institute (above North Beach/Fisherman's Wharf)

I'm open to suggestions - especially of companies to visit or places to stop at for snacks (especially w/outside seating)

And please invite anyone who might be interested to join us!


see for the current proposed schedule, please offer your suggestions / ideas there


My personal question for WalkMesh is around the book I am writing this summer, looking at all of Economics as a network. I will, for those who are interested, explain this further and explore it as we walk.

I invite everyone who will be joining us to also bring a question or topic, something they want to discuss - but also learn about, sharing their thinking and listening to others about it.

If you can't join us for the whole time, consider inviting us to stop by - or meet up with us at a cafe or for lunch - suggest a place and a time and we'll try to me you there.


what's the time commitment?



The time comittment is whatever you want to make it - we'll start at 8:30 and probably end around 5-6pm (may stop by Niall Kennedy's SF Tech Sessions at 1 Market at 7pm, or we may just go somewhere and get food and drinks.

But you can come for an hour or join us for the whole day - and if you want to meet up with us (and/or host us) call me on Thursday or post some suggestions here for stops/times along the way.


your phone number? i might be able to join in at some point by my obligation to england soccer has me out of the game and off the radar, so to speak/comment, till 11 or thereabouts... i'm 516 4442.


Shannon, I have a couple of commitments that will keep me from making it today. Enjoy!