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Walking the talk, the next event in the Innovation Forum Future Media series, will address the key question of innovation in the media sector.

Is the media industry innovative, and how can we increase innovation in media? While innovation is extensively discussed in the media, media innovation today increasingly comes from outside the industry. Recent developments in the use of technologies – such as Weblog-based publishing and syndication, story rating, social networking, PVRs and Web-based video – all came from without the media sector. Yet historically the industry has been highly innovative. From integrated publishing to colour television, Ceefax to Freeview, the media sector has been a pioneer – in models of content and organisation as well as technology and form. As the recently announced MediaGuardian Innovation Awards implicitly acknowledge, innovation in media needs to be encouraged.

At this event we will bring together thinkers and doers from the media sector and beyond to look at the established and potential models for innovation in media, from traditional technology R&D to corporate development units; collaboration with universities and third parties to industry fora and consortia; design- and user-led-development to open innovation. We will review past revolutions in industry to better understand how innovation relates to broader dynamics in business and society. And we will consider contemporary barriers to innovation in the media sector, highlight best practice, give examples of success, point up areas of failure, and identify possible ways to increase innovation in media.

The panelists are Dr Norman Lewis, Wireless Grids Corporation; Rachel Jones, Instrata Limited; Professor David Edgerton, Imperial College London; Frank Boyd, Unexpected Media; and Lorenzo Wood, LBI International.

The event will focus on informal debate and discussion, and the participation of attendees will be critical.

Tickets cost £15 (including drinks), increasing to £25 one week before the event. You can book via the Event Homepage.

Official Website: http://innovationforum.spy.co.uk/MediaInnovation/

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