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Anyone interested in knowing more about Staten Island than the ferry won't want to miss A WALK AROUND STATEN ISLAND WITH DAVID HARTMAN AND BARRY LEWIS, a surprise-filled special premiering Monday, December 3 at 9:30 p.m. In A WALK AROUND STATEN ISLAND, Hartman and Lewis explore 300 years of history, Asian arts, mansions, beaches, personalities, hidden gems, and the best local pizza. Find out who's tilling the land at the old Decker Farm, discover one of America's oldest free black communities, learn who really invented the telephone, and find out what the future holds for that former landfill. Viewers will discover a borough that won't soon be forgotten. The Website is now online at In addition clips of the program, there are additional video segments, an interactive map, and feature articles.

When A WALK AROUND STATEN ISLAND with David Hartman and Barry Lewis premieres this December, it will complete the series' coverage of all five boroughs of New York City. In addition to Staten Island, the "Walking Tours" series includes more than a dozen episodes, such as A Walk Through the Bronx, A Walk Through Central Park, A Walk in Greenwich Village, A Walk Around Brooklyn, A Walk Through Harlem, A Walk Up Broadway, A Walk Through Newark, A Walk Though Hoboken, A Walk Through Queens, and A Walk Down 42nd Street.

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