1501 NE Davis
Portland, Oregon

We're looking to start a magic bus collective. A group of people who travel on converted buses or other novel modes of transportation. This is a group who would like to go to events as a community activity. We went to Gnomedex last year and we'd love to go again.

So please stop by tomorrow morning to talk about travels on the magic bus.

We'll also be there to talk about Wednesday night's big SMC event with Jeremiah Owyang. What are some topics you'd like to talk about with Jeremiah? Twitter? TechCrunch?

Remember - you get free beer, pizza and a private party with Jeremiah. Learn more: http://bit.ly/y3NlP

So come on by for a maple bacon bar or a vegan alternative tomorrow morning.

We do hope to see you there.


Official Website: http://alexhwilliams.com

Added by podcasthotel on July 17, 2009