SW 345th St. & SW 184th Ave
Florida City, Florida

Department of Environmental Resources Management Environmentally Endangered Lands Program and Department of Parks & Recreation
Natural Areas Management

Florida City Pineland
Volunteer Workday
Saturday February 24, 2007
SW 345th St. & SW 184th Ave (Florida City Streets: SW 1st St. & SW 8th Ave.)
8:45AM – 12:00 NOON
To participate - CALL 305-257-0933

Don’t miss this opportunity to help clean up and enhance endangered habitat in your neighborhood!

Come Join Us!
By Volunteering you can…

• Build important ties to your community
• Enjoy a natural area
• Experience historical Florida
• Get community service hours
• Have a fun time with friends
• Help the Environment
• Improve native habitat
• Learn about South Florida Ecology
• Visit a site that is not yet open to the public

Now you can help preserve this living piece of natural history! Spend a Saturday morning helping to enhance one of the most beautiful and rare pine rocklands in the County!
Practical Tips for Volunteer Workdays:
• Wear closed toe shoes
• Come prepared to work outdoors
• Wear long pants
• Use sun block
• Wear a hat
• Bring insect repellent
• Drink plenty of fluids
• Avoid thorny plants
• Avoid poison ivy and poisonwood
Remember...Safety First!

Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
33 SW 2nd Avenue, PH2
Miami, FL 33130-1540

Exclusive Opportunity to Visit this Site!
Florida City Pine Rockland
Volunteer Workday
Saturday February 24, 2007
SW 1st St. & SW 8th Avenue
8:45AM – 12:00 NOON

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