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Build Your Skills with the Leading Web Design Authors! Web design is undergoing an historic transformation: while the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript haven't changed, the new and evolving functionality in the HTML5 and CSS3 specs, the number of new ways in which people access the Web, and the rise of social media mean that Web designers need to know more than ever. Whether it's a smarter content strategy, a more efficient workflow, or simply how to use drop shadows and an expanded typographic repertoire, you need the tools to build tomorrow's Web today. The Voices That Matters: Web Design Conference, taking place June 28-29 in San Francisco brings together respected industry authors and thought-leaders of the Web design revolution. Many of you learned your very first Web design skills from these authors. Now, you can learn from them how changes to the building blocks of the Web—from HTML5 and CSS3 to user interfaces—are enabling designers to create sites that are easy to use, richly functional, packed with interactive features, and easily accessible from any Internet-capable device. Over the course of two days, these sessions — plus the opportunity to interact and share ideas with fellow designers, teachers, and, yes, authors — will give you the insight and inspiration you need to ensure that your sites are ready for the future.

Added by heatherk on April 20, 2010