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You’ve read their books. Now grab the chance to listen to, learn from and mingle with your favorite New Riders authors and the most respected professionals in the Web design industry at the Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference.

As a Web designer, you understand the challenges you face. Gone are the days when a good grasp of HTML and some straightforward usability knowledge would get the job done. Now your clients want to know that you’re comfortable with CSS, XML, Ajax, Web standards, interaction design, information architecture, interface design, search engine optimization, Flash, Flex, JavaScript, mobile design, mash-ups and much more.

At Voices That Matter: Web Design, our line-up of author experts will guide you down the Web design road of your choice. Some will teach you new techniques; some will show you how to avoid the potholes and pitfalls in how-to sessions; still others will inspire you to try new pathways in creative, energizing, thought-provoking, idea-driven sessions.

Entertaining, informative, authoritative, but most of all, inspiring, Voices That Matter: Web Design will bring you face-to-face with the author experts whose books have shaped your career.

Official Website: http://www.VoicesThatMatter.com/WebDesign2007

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On Tuesday, October 23 - to open the conference, our publisher, Nancy Ruenzel will engage Steve Krug in conversation.

Is there really one ideal way to do Web pages—a definitive “best practice”? And if there is, does that mean that all pages should basically look alike? What about creativity and innovative design?

For the first time, Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, will explain why he’s become convinced that there actually is a short list of design conventions that make some Web pages inherently better than others—things that very few sites get right, even though they’re not all that hard to do.

Besides spelling out his vision of the perfect Web page, Steve will also present his brand new Site Navigation Identification Chart: a handy tool that classifies the different ways to do navigation and helps you choose the best one for your site.

Michael J Nolan

Barbara Gavin and I have been working together with our publisher, Nancy Ruenzel and editor Wendy Sharp to focus the content our presenters will be sharing with our attendees. We’ve kept a few things in mind:

Our audience is the designer and all the sessions are designed to appeal to the visual thinker.

Design is about more than making sites look pretty. That's why you'll find sessions like Sandra Niehaus’ Web Design for ROI or Designing Authentic Media: Leveraging the Wisdom of Communities from Derek Powazek.

Oh, and then there's an exclusive evening event at the nearby Apple Store called Desktop to Device: Designing for the iPhone, presented by Kelly Goto. Or Nathan Shedroff’s session, Make It So: Interface Design Lessons from Science Fiction.

What an embarrassment of design riches!


it's an expensive event


It is a bit bizarre that the website for an web conference is so poorly coded with web standards thrown out the window. No alt attributes? Tabled design? 8pt font? (though, to be fair, some is relative with "small"). inline styles? Inline JavaScript? deprecated attributes? Cringe!


"Web designer" is the most inane term ever.