1945 High St.
Oakland, California 94601

Join Kat Parra and her group for a unique blend of musical idioms. Featuring some of the best latin jazz/jazz musicians in the Greater Bay Area: Murray Low (piano), Peter Barshay (bass) and Michaelle Goerlitz (percussion). She will be performing as part of the Jazz Vespers series.

Kat has leapt beyond the boundaries of the typical latin jazz singer. With her thirst for the exploration of world rhythms and tonalities, she has developed a style of music that encompasses sounds that both transcend and bend the stereotypical definition of latin jazz. She has incorporated not only afro-cuban music, but also added afro-peruvian, middle eastern, south american folklore as well as nueva trova.

This concert is part of the Jazz Vespers series, where spirtiual services and jazz are presented in an integrated format. The format first appeared when the late Reverend John Garcia Gensel started an evening service at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in NYC in 1961. It was designed for those musicians of a growing night ministry who couldn't make it to Sunday morning service after playing those late Saturday night gigs. He invited them to perform "a worship service by and for jazz musicians; the public is invited." The Jazz Vespers series has since spread worldwide.

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Official Website: http://www.katparra.com

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