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> VNV Nation Pastperfect Parties
VNV Nation didn't feel that normal "release parties" would be the right way to present a DVD release so they've been planning something different for a while now. Between mid July and mid August VNV Nation will be touring clubs in Germany and between mid September and October in North America to host special "Pastperfect" nights. Each night will feature the showing of a special 35-minute edit of the Pastperfect DVD with a live intro by VNV Nation, DJ sets by Ronan and Mark, special prizes (limited edition DVD promos, "pastperfect" posters, etc.) and more. Due to the amount of email coming in asking we would like to stress that these are NOT concerts! These dates ARE going ahead.

The giveaway DVD promos will only be available on these nights (5 per night). They contain a special short edit of the DVD and a few extras and are limited to 300 copies worldwide. Each one is autographed and numbered.

Added by bav on September 19, 2003